Nintendo Switch

The eShop is a prominent part of the Nintendo Switch's lightweight OS, and for our money, it certainly seems to be more efficient at downloading games than the Wii U or 3DS. Granted, there may be some minor issues with the download interface (i.e. no time estimates), but it does its job exceedingly well. And for those of you that just have to have your games as soon as possible, recent tests have proved that the Nintendo Switch actually downloads things a little bit faster when in sleep mode.

GameXplain recently did a video on this, running a series of tests after perceiving a change in download speed after getting a recent game. Though it was difficult to accurately collect results due sleep mode not having a method of viewing download progress, the number of tests seemed to prove that the sleep mode actually downloads games about 15% faster than if the console is in use. Not a whole lot of improvement, but still, that amounts to a lot of time as you scale up the download size.

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