The latest episode of Capcom TV has revealed footage of Ultra Street Fighter II's recently-confirmed first person mode, as well as video of Monster Hunter XX in action on 3DS.

The first-person mode in Ultra Street Fighter II was hinted at in the game's initial trailer, but its existence was only officially confirmed by a photo of the rear of the Japanese box.

Dubbed "Way of the Hado", it is divided into several different modes which are subdivided into difficulty rankings. In this mode, you have to deal with Shadaloo thugs by throwing fireballs, performing Dragon Punches and swinging your fists - all of which are achieved by making the required motion with the Joy-Cons.

Sadly, as you can see from the footage, it doesn't really work that well. The players are consistently shown performing motions but not getting the desired move, and the whole mode feels tacked-on and largely pointless - at least from this initial video preview, anyway.

The section in question takes place around the 2 hour, 56 minute mark. Let us know if you feel any different to us by posting a comment below.