Ultra Street Fighter II continues to give up its secrets, with details regarding its gallery and colour edit modes joining the news of a first-person, motion-controlled section known as Way of the Hado.

The first-person mode sees you fighting against waves of Shadaloo thugs, using certain motions to defeat them. Success earns you experience points which can be used to boost your health, attack, speed, defense, "guts" and luck. We posted footage of this mode a while back.

Gamer also goes into detail about the bonus gallery mode, which includes over 1400 official illustrations presented in super-crisp, 250dpi resolution. You'll be able to zoom in on these images to have a good look.


We also have the colour edit mode, which permits you to tinker with the base colours for each fighter, allowing for some truly nightmarish combinations. You can use your custom colour combination in all game modes, even when playing online.

Are you excited about getting your hands on this game now you know that you can play as an ill-looking Ryu? Let us know with a comment.

[source perfectly-nintendo.com, via gamer.ne.jp]