Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers may not be in quite the same league of importance as Street Fighter V, but it should scratch that one-on-one fighting itch neatly when the Switch arrives later this year.

We've known from the start that the game would feature online connectivity, and now we're getting details on the modes that will be included in the final product:

Arcade Standby Feature

In Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers's "Arcade Mode," in which you battle CPU characters with the goal of reaching the ending, an "arcade standby" feature has been implemented.

By enabling this setting, other players online will be able to challenge you during Arcade Mode, bringing you back to the excitement and tension of the days other players would cut in for a fight at the arcade.

Network Battles

Ultra Street Fighter II supports both local and Internet battles. With local battles, you can use the hardware's wireless feature to fight against nearby players. With Internet battles, you can participate in "Ranked Matches," where your "Player Points (PP)" and "Battle Points (BP)" accumulate based on your wins and loses, or "Casual Matches," where you can fight freely without the effect of points. In Ranked Matches, you can check your ranking based on your points and search for opponents under various conditions. It is the perfect feature to develop your skills.

Types of Ranked Matches

There are four types of Ranked Matches:

Quick Match – Searches for players able to fight without setting any conditions.
Custom Match – Set conditions and search for a player that you want to fight against.
Create Match – Create a lobby where you set the battle rules and such, and wait for the players that you want to fight against to join.
Friend Match – Searches for players that you can fight against now from your registered friends list.

Ultra Street Fighter II recycles the HD visuals created for 2008's Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, but includes two new characters - Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. We have a feeling that we've not seen absolutely everything that Capcom is looking to include in this game - the recent trailer showed what appeared to be a first-person mode.

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