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Pokémon GO's latest update is possibly its biggest yet, with 80 new Gen 2 monsters, fresh items and much more besides. Another big addition is increased customisation options for player avatars, including glasses, hats and other clothing - much of which has to be purchased using in-game currency.

Previously, avatar customisation in Pokémon GO was limited to a few items, all of which were free. However, there was little room for variation so most avatars ended up looking largely the same, bar the colour of their clothes.

This new update changes that - at a cost. You'll have to purchase a lot of these items using coins - the game's premium currency - and unless you've been taking over a lot of gyms (and, more importantly, holding onto them) then you may not have enough funds to get the gear you want. If this is the case then be aware that you'll have to purchase coins using real-world money.

To access your gear, tap on your profile picture in the bottom-left corner of the screen and then tap the options menu icon on the bottom-right. Select "Style" and you're away.

Clothing is divided into eight categories. Click any of the images shown below to see the full-size version.


If you want to get ahead, get a hat. You've got a few options here, including a rather fetching top hat complete with Pokéball badge.


Check out those 3D specs! That mask is also rather snazzy.


This is by far and away the biggest clothing category, and includes the only item which requires you to be at least a level 30 trainer. Now you can wear your achievement right on the front of your hoodie.


No additional options here, but you can opt to remove your bag entirely.


Again, limited options here - you can either have gloves or remove them.


Those coloured pants sure look fresh. You can even select the colour you want!


Why not feel the air against your bare flesh by choosing to go without?


Ouch! We wouldn't advise walking around hunting for monsters in real life without any shoes on, but hey, it's your choice.

What do you make of the game's new style options? Do you think the coin cost is too high for certain items, or have you been waiting for something worthwhile to spend yours on? Let us know with a comment.