The first global mission for Pokèmon Sun & Moon players unfortunately ended with sadness, and the second didn't fare so well either. Last week, Game Freak revealed what the third, hopefully more successful, mission would be oriented around, and now the mission has gone live.

The mission is simple: Pokèmon players around the world must trade 1 million Pokèmon over the GTS within the next two weeks. Your participation in the mission will net you around 2,000 FC if the challenge is completed, but if the quota isn't reached, you'll still be able to receive 200 FC. It's also important to note that if you have an account tied to a Global Link, you'll be able to receive double rewards.

To participate in this event, first go to to the right of the Central Castle and speak to the receptionist at Festival Plaza. Trading up to 5 Pokèmon will net you a complimentary Rare Candy. Also, make sure to remind your fellow trainers to start trading in Pokèmon as well - as each participant will receive a Friend Ball if the quota reaches over two million.

Good luck trainers, and make us proud!

[source serebii.net]