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Pokémon Sun and Moon has been a significant success for The Pokémon Company, Game Freak and Nintendo, kickstarting a new generation for the series - naturally, though, there are always some flaws to address. A relatively modest update has now gone live to fix a few bugs (not the collectible kinds) in the games.

Serebii has produced a handy summary:

These patches are required to go online on your games and required to participate at official events. This patch fixes the previously announced glitch with the moves Z-Parting Shot and Z-Memento on Battle Spot and a glitch in regards to the winner of a game if Rocky Helmet knocks the opponent out when you're knocked out. It also fixes the glitch where a Pokémon wouldn't learn a move when it evolved such as with Kadabra and Confusion.

In addition, it's worth noting that Battle Videos from the official version can't be viewed once the game's been updated. It wouldn't surprise us if the patch also tackles potential exploits and balancing issues, too, though these sorts of tweaks aren't always communicated clearly.

Are you still collecting Pocket Monsters in Sun and Moon?

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