The NES Classic Mini isn't the only hardware release Nintendo is making this year - the company has confirmed that Japan is getting its own variant, based on the Famicom.

Japanese site Akiba PC Hotline has hands-on photos of the new system, and the images show just how teeny-tiny this unit is. As expected, it has HDMI-out on the back as well as a USB port for power - just like the NES Classic Mini - but the big shocker is how small the controllers are.

Unlike the NES Classic Mini - which has full-size pads based on the original design - the Famicom Mini has controllers which slot onto the sides of the console, just like they did on the 1983 original. Naturally, because this new version of the system is smaller, the pads have been shrunk accordingly to ensure they look in proportion. They're also hard-wired into the console itself - again, like the original - so you can't use an alternative pad.

Can you see yourself gaming for a prolonged period with pads this dinky? Let us know by posting a comment.