Legal notice incoming?

Given this is a Nintendo-focused site many of you may not be aware that it is now possible for Windows developers to submit their applications for release on the Xbox One. It's all part of Microsoft's overarching plan to unify its business interests and should - on the whole - result in benefits for console users.

Such a move opens the door for things like emulators, which are rife on the Windows Store and Google Play market. Whether or not Microsoft will allow such apps to be made available on the Xbox One remains to be seen, but we'll probably know sooner rather than later as a NES emulator has already been submitted for approval:

From a legal perspective there's nothing wrong with such emulators, provided they don't include any code taken from the console's original BIOS. The issue arises when it comes to actually playing anything on the app - for that, you need ROM files and these are naturally covered by copyright.

Microsoft may decline to approve the release of the app - the developer has been waiting since September 2nd - or it could let it slip, paving the way for Nintendo games on your Xbox One. Of course, it's at that point that we'd imagine Nintendo's legal team might step in and have a word.

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