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As you've likely been aware, the Super NES recently turned 25 in North America. It's another nice landmark for the iconic system, and one that's prompted us to get all misty-eyed and reminisce on our youth.

That aside, it's a chance to celebrate the best of the SNES era, so with that in mind we thought it'd be nice to have an old-fashioned poll to ask that most important of questions - what are your favourite Super NES games? Note that we didn't say 'best' games, as we're trying to keep this little debate civil.

In any case, due to the Anniversary in question we're giving you 25 options to vote for, and you can pick up to three games. We've been blasphemous, too, in lumping the Donkey Kong Country, Final Fantasy and Street Fighter II games together, just to get more titles in the list. Some notable games have also missed out, such as Mortal Kombat, Pilotwings and some other gems. Ultimately we couldn't fit them all into the list.

In any case, we hope it'll be a bit of fun picking your three faves and having a hearty debate in the comments. Have at it!

What are your favourite SNES games? (Choose up to 3)

(You can select up to 3 answers)

As an extra aside, the plan is to take the final results for a fancy list article later in the week, so choose carefully!