A game within a game

It's no secret that computer science types are regularly discovering increasingly more impressive creations and contraptions inside Minecraft. The popular sandbox title has a surprisingly in-depth array of tools for crafting complicated machines, so naturally the internet has taken to building absurd things such as functioning computers and calculators. This latest creation was made popular by a recent update, and could only be described as a labour of love.

A YouTuber named Reqaug has recently uploaded a video of a GameBoy Advance -- built inside Minecraft -- that's capable of running a barebones version of Pokémon FireRed Version. There's no text and no battle scenes yet, but it's impressive just to see how the game runs within the blocky sandbox. Give it enough time, and somebody's bound to figure out how to get the full game running within Minecraft. Imagine the possibilities.

What do you think? Has science gone too far? What do you think somebody will build inside Minecraft next? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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