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In some sad news for close followers of the eShop and the broader download gaming scene, studio VD-Dev has announced that its co-founder - Fernando Velez - has passed away as a result of "a cardiac failure".

A developer with a number of titles on his CV - as shown in VD-Dev's commemorative banner above - Velez was well known as an open 'Nindie' who was always generous with his time. The studio's IRONFALL Invasion on the 3DS eShop was high profile upon release, adopting a free-to-start model with options to buy the multiplayer and solo campaign components separately. Just recently the studio announced RISE: Race the Future, an arcade-style racer targeting Wii U, 3DS and NX in 2017.

VD-Dev confirmed the news of Velez' passing on social media.

In our experience Velez was a passionate game maker and keen to produce games that the community could embrace and enjoy - he was often one of the studio's most enthusiastic voices in giving interviews and talking to fans.

All of us at Nintendo Life want to express our condolences to Fernando Velez' family, friends and loved ones.