As we approach the 'expo we cannot name' - oh alright, E3 - we can't help but wonder how many times Nintendo will mention amiibo. Will we learn more about the amiibo cards that'll accompany Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer? Will there be more blasted Smash Bros. waves that we'll struggle to get hold of? What other compatibility details will be revealed in the broad range of titles that we expect to be shown, and how much will amiibo feature in all-new surprise reveals?

The toy range is now over six months old, and has been utilised a lot. Even Chibi-Robo will have an amiibo figurine, so that's an indication of how ever-present they continue to be. Certain figures are also readily available in most stores, meanwhile, while a high number are unfortunately rare and have such lousy stock allocations that retailers have to announce pre-order windows that are just 30 minutes long to give consumers a chance. The amiibo weirdness can go beyond parody, too, with stock getting stolen and hilariously bad counterfeit toys arriving in some territories.


All of these factors alone, in addition to news of Splatoon amiibo sales figures in Japan, highlight that demand is still very much in place. Yet there's a potential sense that a combination of shoddy stock levels on some figures, and the use of the toys within games that can be frustrating when supplies are so low, are perhaps starting to grate. Popular YouTube series Jimquisition - not for younger readers - has recently highlighted some irritations with the toys, and your humble writer basically thought 'sod it' when affected by the bizarre case of stolen Splatoon amiibo toys ruining a GAME pre-order, simply downloading the game and saving some money by skipping those figures entirely. Is the shine fading on Nintendo's golden figurine idea?

Overall, we'd suggest not, but it's interesting to reassess amiibo at this point of time, as the range of compatible games expands exponentially and collectors contemplate a second mortgage to keep their collections going. Is the excitement around amiibo, and appreciation for them, still holding firm as we approach a key point of the gaming year?

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