Just recently Capcom announced a neat Strider crossover DLC for Monster Hunter Generations, which is a Western exclusive and was suggested to be the 'final' of four multi-franchise crossovers. That made us worry that we'd miss out on some neat Palico outfits that arrived as free DLC on Monster Hunter X (Cross) in Japan, but it seems like that previous Capcom reveal's wording left some wriggle-room.

The company has now confirmed the Monster Hunter Generations x The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker DLC, which is a neat free Palico outfit to make your little buddie look rather like Toon Link.

In Japan this was distributed in 7-Eleven stores, but will just be a free download in the game in the West. The confirmation of this crossover gives us hope that other neat examples, like this Star Fox outfit, could also be on the cards. Time will tell on that.

In any case, this will be a fun outfit to run around in. Generations is just 10 days away from release, which is certainly exciting for fans of the franchise - are you planning to pick it up?