SEGA's had an interesting year with Sonic the Hedgehog, unveiling a cool Anniversary logo and then trolling fans with a reveal that was actually for a fan event and a Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice release date. Ouch, we hope the famously witty Sonic social media team took a few days off after that one.

Even worse, the delayed 3DS game by Sanzaru Games has been lacking in trailers to show us what to expect; thankfully that's now been resolved with a new 'E3 Trailer' for the title, which IGN evidently got its mitts on ahead of time.

It looks decent, to be fair, and it's worth reminding ourselves that Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Sanzaru's first effort on the 3DS, was better than the famously dire Wii U game. With that in mind, and the fact that delays have meant more time has been taken on development, we're going to approach Fire & Ice with a little optimism.

Let us know how you think this is shaping up ahead of its late-September release.