Not long ago we wrote about why Nintendo needs to target kids more directly in marketing and promotional activities; not only does Nintendo have a lot that kids may want, but it can also avoid excessive teasing when revealing the likes of Teddy Together. In that article we did praise the efforts of the Play Nintendo initiative in North America; there's room for improvement, but it does have a neat website targeting youngsters.

The YouTube channel's not bad, either, but it's a little too infrequent in its posts. Nevertheless Nintendo has teamed up with its buddies at Disney Channel to start a new series - it's called 'Bragg Report' and stars Joey Bragg, who's best known for Liv and Maddie according to the internet; this writer's a bit too old and British to know what that is.

In any case, the video focuses on four games to brag about on 3DS this Summer - hoho, wordplay - and is certainly full of energy. We can imagine that this is a fun video for the target audience, as it's loud and light-hearted.

Well, we think it's good for the target audience. Check it out below and let us know what you think.