Oh dear.

Mighty No. 9 was supposed to be one of Kickstarter's real success stories. After smashing its original funding total the game looked set to become the true spiritual successor to the largely dormant Mega Man franchise, but a series of embarrassing delays took the shine off proceedings.

To make things worse, Deep Silver published a cringeworthy trailer which even managed to attract criticism from a member of the development team.

The game launches this week and it would appear from early reviews that this particular story isn't going to have a happy ending. The scores dished out thus far have been middling, with sites like Game Informer, IGN and GameSpot all giving it fairly lukewarm ratings.

Here are the scores as they stand currently:

We're currently hard at work on our review of the Wii U version, but will you be buying this regardless? Perhaps you're an existing backer - how do you feel seeing the critical reaction to the game after all this time? Let us know by posting a comment.