Metroid Prime Hunters

Though there were a few tentative attempts at making a Metroid 64 for the Nintendo 64, nothing concrete ever fully materialised, leading many to wonder if Super Metroid would ever receive a proper follow up. The silence was finally broken many years later on the GameCube with the release of Metroid Prime, Samus' first 3D adventure. Though many were hesitant to believe that a brand new studio could do the game justice (from a first person perspective, no less), but the final product was one of the most well received games in the series.

While the trilogy was a great success in its own right, there was also the side game, Metroid Prime Hunters, released on the DS. The only game in the series not developed by Retro, Hunters differentiated itself by the popular online mode and more action focused gameplay, while taking some criticism for its unconventional control scheme. And now, Nintendo has revealed that the game will be making its Virtual Console debut in North America for this week's eShop update. Unfortunately, this release won't come with the online mode from the original, but at least the substantial single player campaign will still be intact.

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