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If you're a long-time follower of the site then you'll already be aware of the work of Tyler Esposito, the brains behind the excellent YouTube channel.

A seasoned gamer with a love of both Nintendo and Sega, Esposito is in the unique position of having many of his childhood gaming habits recorded for posterity. His late father - a budding filmmaker - captured many events in his son's gaming life on videotape, including opening his NES and becoming a Sega fanatic.

The latest archive video shows Esposito in the middle of his Nintendo period, with the the (then) four-year-old gamer kneeling proudly beside his huge tower of NES games. It then shows him wrestling with Jaleco's action platformer Astyanax, a game whose name alone presents a challenge to younger players.

The fresh-faced Esposito - coached by his father - manages to overcome many of the pitfalls presented to him, but one boss in particular poses quite a conundrum, forcing the enthusiastic player to come up with his own strategy - which basically involves swinging, jumping and a combination of the two.

As with all of Esposito's videos, it's heartwarming stuff that makes us sad we don't have video footage of our own childhood gaming exploits.