It's Christmas!

1989 was a vintage year. Not only did it give the world Tim Burton's Batman and Ghostbusters II, it saw the release of the Sega Genesis and Game Boy in North America. It was also a big year for founder and occassional Nintendo Life contributor Tyler Esposito - then a 3-year-old Ghostbusters fanatic - because Christmas gave him his first Nintendo Entertainment System.

As ever, his late father recorded the whole event, and Esposito has shared the video with us just in time for Christmas. If you're a child of the '80s then you're certain to spot something you recognise - from the Operation and Mouse Trap board games to the Batwing from Burton's aforementioned Batman. Perhaps you connect more strongly with the Real Ghostbusters Egon figure (RIP, Harold Ramis) or the short-lived Police Academy toys?

Whatever speaks to you, we're decided on one thing: we sure wish Christmas looked like this now.