Adverts like this may not have helped

Miitomo has been out for a little while now, by the standards of this connected 'what's hot today' era, and as a result attention is focused on its long term performance. It's been pleasing to report on successes such as millions of downloads, but we're moving onto a stage where issues like engagement are more important than how many people tapped the install button on their phone.

SurveyMonkey Intelligence has aimed to address this - we previously shared an early report it produced on Miitomo's strong start, but it's now looked at data covering over a month of the app's time on iOS and Android. Its data suggests that early demand and interest - likely due to Nintendo's brand power - has fallen away due to a lack of sustained interest in using the app itself.

SurveyMonkey has compared Miitomo (a social app with basic game elements) to King's Candy Crush Saga and Supercell's Clash Royale, which doesn't seem like a completely fair fight, especially as the latter two seem to have marketing budgets bigger than the GDP (gross domestic product) of a small country. Nevertheless the tables and data therein provide some interesting detail on Miitomo's fortunes.

This first graph shows how strongly Miitomo started in the US, comparing favourably to the likes of Clash Royale, though it fell away more rapidly than those perceived rivals.

Miitomo sales decline.png

Perhaps most worrying is a drop in engagement, with Miitomo reportedly not being 'played' as often as other prominent apps.


This final chart shows Weekly Active Users (WAU); after a strong start Miitomo has shown steady decline in this area within the US market.


Some interesting trends and figures overall, suggesting that Miitomo may be having a tough time keeping users engaged. Let us know what you think of this in the comments.