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Star Fox Zero appears to have been met with a rather mixed reaction since its launch. We rather liked it, but some other sites didn't - and a cursory glance online seems to suggest there were plenty of fans who expected something a little different from the game.

It would appear that some of these players have either lost interest in the game upon completion or given up entirely on Fox's latest adventure, as anecdotal evidence suggests copies of the game are being traded in at an alarming rate:

Of course, many popular games get traded in - just visit your local games store and you'll see many copies of FIFA, Madden and Call of Duty - but for the shelves to be so packed this soon after launch might suggest that Star Fox Zero hasn't gone down as well with the Nintendo fanbase as it possibly should have done - which is a real shame, as the title has loads of replayability and - to us at least - feels like a true love letter to the N64 original.

Have you traded in your copy of Star Fox Zero or have you held onto it? Let us know by posting a comment.

Have you traded in your copy of Star Fox Zero? (783 votes)

  1. Yes, I couldn't get on with the controls and gave up4%
  2. Yes, but only after I finished the game and saw everything it had to offer2%
  3. No, I've still got the game and will hold onto it for now39%
  4. I haven't got it yet, but still plan to pick it up24%
  5. I didn't buy it and don't plan to in the future28%
  6. I have the download version, so I can't trade it in either way4%

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