Well, the wait is over, we have a release date for Monster Hunter Generations - it'll be gracing our 3DS systems on 15th July. In addition Europe and North America will also have their own special edition New Nintendo 3DS XL models alongside the main game.

In Europe the special edition hardware will be red and have the game pre-installed, as seen below.

MH gen image1.jpg

In North America the New 3DS XL has the same design but will be blue.

MH Gen image2

It's pleasing that this release finally has a formal date, and a demo is also promised this Summer (presumably before the full game is released). With 20 locations and a whole lot of hunting to be done there's plenty for fans to look forward to.

This writer's certainly hyped about this one - let us know whether you're planning to pick it up, and whether you'll try to get hold of the limited edition systems. Below is a shiny new trailer, too.