Last month Precursor Games relaunched its crowdsourcing campaign to get its first ever game Shadow of the Eternals off the ground, but unfortunately it has failed to obtain the necessary funding.

The campaign, which ran on Kickstarter, achieved $323,950, which is not even half of the $750,000 target Precursor set.

Shadow of the Eternals is seen as the spiritual successor to the popular GameCube survival horror title, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, and it was lined up for a Wii U and PC release.

This is the second crowdsourcing attempt Precursor has implemented for the game, with the first one running on Kickstarter and on the developer's website simultaneously. This confusion led to the campaign closing early and the latest effort ran solely on Kickstarter, with a much lower target.

Changes were made this time round, including the removal of the episodic format and David Hayter of Solid Snake fame was added as a voice actor. However, this failed to persuade enough people to back it and it has not managed to acquire the funding, leaving the game's future hanging in the balance.

Precursor has said it will pursue the project even if it doesn't manage to get the funding so we may still get to play it yet, but it will surely be a long way off.

Denis Dyack, former president of Silicon Knights, is now the chief creative officer of Precursor Games. We sat down with him earlier this month to chat about Shadow of the Eternals and you can read the full interview here.

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