Don't look so pleased with yourselves

Kickstarter success story Mighty No. 9 hasn't had the smoothest of routes to market. After smashing its crowdfunding goal by some margin the title was expected to launch in September last year, but missed that original release window and was given an "early 2016" date. It then slipped from its new release date of February, with producer Keiji Inafune publically offering his apologies to fans.

Spring was the vague launch window given at that point, and we're now in that particular season - yet we still don't have a solid release date.

Worryingly, both Comcept and Deep Silver appear to be keeping quiet about the game, and haven't made any statements regarding the revised launch for some time.

Publisher Deep Silver has since been prodded into action, but the reply isn't all that enlightening:

We have no comments at this time. You'll be the first to know once we have new information to share.

Do you still have faith in this successor to Mega Man, or do you think these delays are evidence of troubled development? Let us know by posting a comment.