Yes, we know how you feel Falco

Star Fox Zero launches on Wii U this week, and marks the long-awaited return of Fox McCloud and his team to active service. Given that Lylat fever has well and truly gripped the world of Nintendo, we thought it might be an opportune moment to remind you that we've got an embarrassment of Star Fox-related content tucked away in our archives - all of which you can see below.

Hopefully this will get you even more excited about this week's big release - and arguably the biggest Wii U game of 2016 so far.


Star Fox Adventures

The Making of Star Fox

The game that started it all is a fascinating case of western know-how combined with Japanese game design. A collaboration between UK studio Argonaut Software and Nintendo's top talent, Star Fox on the SNES was the first title to use the Super FX chip, which allowed for (at the time) quite impressive 3D graphics. In this piece, we hear from Argonaut founder Jez San about the whole process.

Want to know the real reason Star Fox was renamed in Europe?

While the rest of the world knows Star Fox by its given name, for a time European players had to endure the likes of Starwing and Lylat Wars - the alternative titles for Star Fox and Star Fox 64 in that region. Why was this the case, you ask? Read this piece to find out the truth from the horse's mouth.

The Making of Star Fox 2

Star Fox 2 was supposed to be the final swansong of the SNES - an epic 3D extravaganza which would use an enhanced Super FX chip to deliver even more impressive visuals and expanded gameplay. Despite being finished, Nintendo never released the game - and in this piece, we hear exclusively from Dylan Cuthbert about how it felt to see all that hard work go to waste, and about the existence of a final copy of the title.

Lads of the Rising Sun - Dylan Cuthbert and Giles Goddard

These two UK developers started out at Argonaut and working on Star Fox changed their lives forever - not only did they forge succcessful careers but they both moved to Japan, where they still reside. They are two of Nintendo's most famous "gaijin", and here they talk about their remarkable careers.

The Making of Star Fox Adventures

The Star Fox sequel that nobody asked for, Star Fox Adventures is a much-maligned and misunderstood beast. It began life on the N64 as Dinosaur Planet before shifting to the GameCube and getting saddled with the Star Fox licence. Ex-Rare staffer Phil Tossell takes us through the development process of this unfairly ignored entry in the canon.

Round Table: A Look Back At The Star Fox Series

A few years back we held a little round table discussion on the Star Fox series (up to that point). You can read the thrilling transcript here.

Why We're Still Playing Star Fox 64 3D

The 3DS remake of the N64 version is possibly the best entry in the series, offering the same amazing gameplay but with sharper, auto-stereoscopic 3D visuals. Here, Tom Whitehead explains why it rarely leaves the card slot of his 3DS console.


Star Fox: Assault

Here you'll find reviews for all the past Star Fox outings. Want to know which is the best one you can play right now? Dig in.

Star Fox Zero Content

Star Fox Zero

We've naturally run quite a bit of content on Star Fox Zero so far. Expect a full review shortly as well as an exhaustive guide - and the same for Star Fox Guard, as well. In the meantime, feel free to check out our feature content on the game below.

Are you ready for Fox's latest adventure? Post a comment below to let us know.