The Pokémon Company has plenty going on for the franchises' 20th Anniversary, and the first of a number of monthly special distributions - Mew - is now up and running. We've covered some details in separate posts, but as serial codes are now available in multiple countries we thought it'd be worth sharing a round-up, with a hat tip to Serebii for compiling the information.

This Mew distribution, as expected, can only be picked up by asking for free serial codes at participating retailers; the codes will work in Pokémon X & Y as well as Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. It's worth noting that Mew will also be distributed with all copies of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow on the Virtual Console, but that'll be a separate promotion and provided as a code with each respective download.

In all cases the current-gen codes should now be available; details are below:

  • United States - Codes at Gamestop until February 24th
  • Canada - Codes at EBGames until February 24th
  • United Kingdom - Codes at GAME until February 28th
  • Australia - Codes at EBGames until February 24th
  • Belgium/Netherlands - Codes at GameMania until February 24th
  • Italy - Codes at Gamestop until February 24th
  • Spain - Codes at GAME until February 24th
  • Portugal - Nintendo Zone at FNAC

The following details were previously given for this particular Mew:

LEVEL: 100
TYPE: Psychic
ABILITY: Synchronize
MOVE: Pound

Are you planning to head out to a store to grab this code?