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It's a big week for Nintendo download fans, with the original Pokémon games leading the way on 3DS. There are also plenty of varied download-only options on Wii U, along with some major releases on 3DS, DLC offerings and the usual range of discounts. There's plenty to get through, so let's get on with it.

Missed the European Download Update earlier in the week? Well, it was a doozy, so catch up with it right here.

Wii U eShop

6180 the moon (Turtle Cream, $3.99) - A platformer that'll see players take control of the moon on a journey to find the sun. It'll use two screens (TV and GamePad) for the playing field, requiring players to look between the two as the moon bounces high and low. We'll lasso the moon and then work on a review.

Inside My Radio (Seaven Studio, $14.99) - This one sounds intriguing on paper, as it's a rhythm music game in which you have the ability to compose music by remixing music into your own arrangements, with electro, disco and dub flavours included. We'll find our rhythm and bring you a review.

REPLAY: VHS is Not Dead (Neko Entertainment, $9.99) - The premise sounds intriguing, with this being a platformer in which you manipulate time and move up to five characters through stages all at once; there's an overriding theme of a film director filming and making 'cuts', too. We'll rewind and work on a review.

SMART Adventures Mission Math: Sabotage at the Space Station (Engine Software, $2.99) - This certainly sounds like an educational title, as you try to save a space station through solving mathematical puzzles. We'll wrap our heads around the challenge for a review.

Volcanic Field 2 (Slyon Studios LLC, $1.99) - The story description for this one references a catastrophic global event prompting the Earth to break out in deadly volcanic eruptions, with the player's job being to rescue civilians. Though the brief trailer shows a tank on the bottom of the screen blasting various things out of the skies. We'll try and figure out whether this is a red hot game or a load of hot air in our review.

Wii U Virtual Console

Medabots AX: Metabee & Rokusho (Natsume, $6.99 for each version) - Unlike its RPG namesakes (which are minus the 'AX'), these Game Boy Advance titles are actually relatively simplistic brawlers with some minor platforming elements. There's some customisation in there, of course, but in general we were rather unimpressed in our Medabots AX: Metabee & Rokusho review.

Wii U eShop Temporary Discounts

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (Screwattack Games, $4.99 until 1st March, normally $9.99)

KEYTARI: 8-bit Music Maker (Famous Gamous, $4.99 until 5th March, normally $7.99)

Joe's Diner (Joindots, on discount until 10th March)

Land it Rocket (Petite Games, $1.59 until 3rd March, normally $2.99)

SDK Paint (HullBreach Studios, on discount until 3rd March)

Defense Dome (HullBreach Studios, on discount until 3rd March)


Minecraft: Wii U Edition Free Update and Paid DLC (Microsoft) - This update adds some anticipated Minecraft features, including a long list of new potions, blocks, mobs and biomes. From the Redwood forests of Mega-Taiga to the vastness of the Deep Ocean, you´ll get to build, play and explore new biomes that will offer a great canvas for your creations. Players can also purchase the new Biome Settlers Skin pack, which brings 24 new settler characters into the game.

Wii U eShop Demo

LEGO Marvel's Avengers (WB Games, free)

3DS eShop

Sadame (Rising Star Games, $14.99) - Developed by Mebius, this action RPG has four character types with four different gameplay styles, and each levels up as you progress through the game. In typical RPG style it's possible to customize your character with new weapons and upgrades, while replay value comes from the fact that certain events are only accessible by certain characters. It sounds and looks intriguing, and we'll bring you a review soon.

Toy Defense (CIRCLE Entertainment, $3.99) - CIRCLE continues its prolific run of releases, in this case with a tower defence title in which you do battle with toys. We'll see whether this is fun play time or a war of attrition in our review.

3DS Virtual Console

Pokémon Red (Nintendo, $9.99) - The first generation Pokémon titles finally arrive as legitimate purchases on modern hardware, rather appropriately right in time for the 20th Anniversary of the series. Trading is possible in these fresh releases via local wireless, too. Our review is in the works. Available from 27th February.

Pokémon Blue (Nintendo, $9.99) - The other half of the first ever release which features its own unique Pokémon. Available from 27th February.

Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition (Nintendo, $9.99) - An enhanced re-release of Red & Blue, this game made a star out of Pikachu by giving it greater personality traits, making this one another intriguing option out of the three gen 1 arrivals. Available from 27th February.

3DS Retail Download

Mega Man Legacy Collection (Capcom, $14.99 / CAD$18.99) - Though the included games (Mega Man through to Mega Man 6) have previously arrived on the Virtual Console, the download-only release of this collection in Europe brings a cut price to make it rather tempting. In addition to six classic games there are Challenge stages, along with plenty of digital memorabilia and extras to enjoy. We gave this a hearty recommendation in our Mega Man Legacy Collection review.

Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale (Marvelous, $39.99) - This rather appealing title is a crossover that combines the world of PopoloCrois - a popular fantasy manga series by Tamori Yousuke that's spawned anime adaptations and a half-dozen RPGs on Playstation platforms - with the farming fun of Story of Seasons, XSEED's recent rebranding of the long-running Bokujō Monogatari/Harvest Moon series. We're working on a review, but in the meantime you can check out our previous first impressions and interview with the series creator.


Fire Emblem Fates: Boo Camp (Nintendo, $2.49 / CA$3.19) - It is said that there is another world where one can get plenty of experience… (25th February, $2.49 / CA$3.19)

Fire Emblem Fates: Beach Brawl (Nintendo, $2.49 / CA$3.19) - And the winner of the royal families' battle over a ticket to paradise is…

3DS eShop Temporary Discounts

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (Screwattack Games, $4.99 until 1st March, normally $9.99)

Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! (Shin'en Multimedia, $2.49 until 17th March, normally $2.99)

Bloo Kid 2 (Winterworks, $1.99 until 17th March, normally $3.99)

KAMI (CIRCLE Entertainment, on discount until 10th March)

Witch & Hero (CIRCLE Entertainment, on discount until 10th March)

Jewel Match 3 (Joindots, on discount until 10th March)

3DS HOME Themes

Mega Man "Stage Select!" (Capcom, $1.99)

Mega Man vs Dr. Wily! (Capcom, $1.99)

So there you have it, the full line-up for this week's Nintendo Download Update. Let us know what you're planning to download in the poll and comments below.

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