Nintendo Selects

The European range of Nintendo Selects titles - which is available at handsome price points - has continued to grow, leaving some in North America frustrated at the lack of progress in their region. Thankfully that seems to be heading for an improvement, with Canadian retailer VGP Video Games Plus apparently outing an updated range set for 11th March.

The following titles have emerged in a tweet and newsletter, all available for pre-order from the retailer and given a price of CAD$29.99 (which may or may not be lower in US dollars):

It's slightly surprising to see Wii titles, evidence perhaps of the region playing catch-up (though Animal Crossing: City Folk seems to already be available from Amazon in the US). The 3DS and Wii U entries have some enticing options, with Super Mario 3D World perhaps being a real stand-out in the list.

Nintendo of America is yet to confirm this range of Nintendo Selects titles, though VGP Video Games Plus hasn't removed its tweet; it seems to have gone early but resisted the urge to cover its tracks.

If this list is confirmed as official, are any of you in North America tempted by these deals?

Thanks to all that sent this in.

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