Mario Kart 64

Some of you from around the earlier days of the Nintendo 64 may remember the Controller Pak. This add-on slotted into the back of the controller and acted as a means of saving or transferring data between consoles. While it wasn't absolutely necessary in every N64 game, many used it to include features that otherwise wouldn't have fit on the stock cartridge. As an accessory that wasn't integral to the core system hardware, the Controller Pak unfortunately wasn't supported by any N64 games that showed up on the Wii VC and now it seems that the Wii U VC is following the same path.

Mario Kart 64 just released a few days ago in Europe for the VC, and it's recently come to light that the ghost data feature has been omitted. Mario Kart 64 used the add-on to save data for players to race against, but it seems that Nintendo either couldn't figure out how to emulate this or didn't deem it worth pursuing. Either way, this casts doubt on whether certain N64 games that actually required usage of the Controller Pak will ever see a release on the Virtual Console.

What do you think? Are you disappointed that ghosts aren't accessible in this release of Mario Kart 64? Do you think Nintendo will eventually devise a workaround? Share your thoughts in the comments below.