Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Miiting

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is out now in all territories, giving gamers the opportunity to experience the crossover of Nintendo's two popular Mario RPG series'. Naturally, the Paper Jam Miiverse page has seen a lot of activity over this past week, and Nintendo has chosen to capitalise on this by posting another Miiting. Miitings are basically developer interviews posted to the game's page, and this one covers the responses from sevendeveloper that worked on the project.

After discussing that the whole idea for the crossover stemmed from the desire for a three button control scheme, it's revealed that Paper Luigi was sidelined for this reason. At one point, it was considered to have all four Bros. travelling at once, but this was soon axed when it was decided that controls would get too complicated.

Another topic covered was the difficulty with writing the story. Multiple drafts were covered, with ideas such as the Mushroom Kingdom slowly turning to paper or having the characters travel back and forth between the paper and real worlds, all being considered. Eventually, the team decided to focus it around different characters meeting their counterparts, and this is also why there weren't as many original characters in this entry.

Papercraft Battles arose out of a desire for the game to have a lively, carnival-like tone, and were inspired by shrines found at Japanese festivals. The team wanted to go for a similar feel to Giant Battles from previous games, but with a more action-packed, hands on approach.

The whole Miiting can be found here; it's well worth a read, especially considering all the information it covers.

What do you think? Are you enjoying Paper Jam? Would you like to see another crossover like this in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.