There should be real life Zora costumes.

As announced in the last Nintendo Direct (hold on a sec while we fondly reminisce... OK, we're good), an update for The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is upon us; dropping 2nd December in North America and 3rd December in Europe. While the Direct told us about the Den of Trials and a couple new outfits, the full release notes for version 2.0.0 provide some additional information.

First, a recap of the big items from the broadcast. The Den of Trials will provide a challenge sinking more than 30 levels down. Players will also be able to grab two new outfits: Linebeck's Uniform to peep into closed chests and the Fierce Deity Armor which allows a character to shoot beams from his sword.

But wait, there's more! In addition to the above, the release notes state the following updates:

  • Stamps for Miiverse will be added.
  • Friendly Tokens will become available from the street vendor once Princess Styla's curse has been lifted.
  • Improvements to matchmaking will be made, with players possessing similar styles of play said to be matched up more frequently. A series of questions will be asked before matching, with answers influencing online teamups.
  • If a teammate exits the game via the pause menu during play, the stranded players will be able to blacklist him or her by tapping the departed's Hero Panel and pressing A or B before saving the game.
  • Other non-divulged adjustments will also be made "for a more pleasant gaming experience."
  • (But what about stability???)

Are these welcome additions to the Tri Force universe? What else would you like to see Nintendo change or add? Let us know!