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Super Mario Maker may be a well polished product, but like any game with some weird and wacky features it has a few glitches and quirks for gamers to exploit. Actually, in some cases, that should be had a few glitches.

Our own video man and Super Mario Maker superfan Alex Olney has been trying to recreate some of the best-known glitches that had been found in the game, and the following have all been fixed.

  • There's no longer permanent invulnerability triggered by entering doors on the last invulnerability frame after taking damage
  • Super Mario World Trampolines no longer allow higher jumps when holding an item
  • Invisible platforms created with Cloud Blocks and Hidden Question Blocks have been fixed

It makes sense that issues like these will have been resolved while adding lots of nice new content for us to enjoy; it's not as if Super Mario Maker has lost its craziness, it's just officially sanctioned crazy now. Whether these tweaks will adversely affect the extreme side of difficult stage design, however, is something else entirely.

Did you enjoy exploiting these glitches pre-update? Did you even know they existed? Let us know!