Nintendo's alliance with DeNA means that the company is moving into the realm of smartphones, something that was almost inconceivable just a short while ago. Making software for phones is a long way away from producing mobile hardware itself, but that hasn't stopped concept artist Pierre Cerveau from cooking up this amazing Game Boy-inspired mock-up.

The Smart Boy concept combines Google's Android OS with Nintendo's classic design sensibilities. As you can see from the images below, the physical design is based on the original Game Boy console from 1989. Cerveau has even mentioned that the device could have a low-power mode which apes the monochrome appearance of the original console's screen.


Of course, gaming would be a big part of the Smart Boy's appeal, and Cerveau has designed a special bolt-on pad called the Game Bat. This clips onto the side of the phone and turns it into a proper portable console.

In another neat touch which pays tribute to the Game Boy's cartridge-based game delivery system, the Smart Boy has an expansion port into which you can insert various modules. One adds additional battery capacity, while another introduces a 3D camera. You could also add in additional internal storage using this feature.

Cerveau's design is nothing more than a pipe-dream, but we'd snap it up in a heartbeat if it ever became solid reality. What about you?


[source designbypierre.com, via bgr.com]