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Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is out now in both Europe and North America, giving Western 3DS owners a welcome dose of the popular franchise. It has a pretty decent range of content and a surprisingly deep combat system, prompting us to give it a recommendation in our review.

One complaint we had, though, was the lack of online functionality, saying the following:

However, since there's no online functionality you'll have to make do with challenging local players and the artificial intelligence, which isn't ideal when you're eager to test the true extent of your skills. In fact, given that the release encourages you to form your own dream team of Dragon Ball personalities, an online versus mode would have at least allowed friends to live out crazy battles that they had previously only imagined. As such its omission is puzzling, especially for a fighting game in this day and age.

It seems Bandai Namco is on the case, however, confirming in Jump magazine that online battles are on the way in Japan, presumably through an obligatory game update. At present it's not been announced for the West, though hopefully it's in the developer's plans worldwide. In Japan there'll also be a content tie-in with Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2, but that's less relevant for most as that 3DS game has never been released outside of Bandai Namco's homeland.

We'll keep an eye out for Western confirmation of this online mode; are you excited by the prospect of online battles in this title?

Thanks to Kartio for the heads up.

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