Who is that masked chu?

If you feel your day could use some footage of Masked Pikachu getting all luchadorable up on opponents more than twice her size in Pokkén Tournament, it proves a very important fact: you are alive. Who wouldn't want to see that?

Bandai Namco Japan recently released a video to fill that cosplaying thundermouse-shaped hole in your life, which you can view below. It's filled with plenty of sparks, back-breaking suplexes, and underhanded seductive tactics (?!).

If the video has made you desperate for some wrasslin' and you're in the New York City area, you'll likely be in luck. The sports bar/arcade franchise Dave & Buster's, which previously revealed would be carrying Pokkén Tournament in various locations, announced over Twitter that the game would be hitting its Times Square location next week.


If you get a chance to play, let us know how it goes!

[source youtube.com, via twitter.com]