The ultimate?

AtGames' Sega Mega Drive Arcade Ultimate Handheld was the dream machine for hardcore Sega fanboys. Not only did it allow you to play 16-bit classics on the move, it featured SD card support so you could load up even more games - although the rather shady nature of ROM distribution did cause some to frown upon on the console.

It was a near-perfect package, but there was one big failing: the console didn't support save files or save states, so large games and RPGs were basically unplayable as there was no way to retain your progress.

Thankfully, AtGames has fixed this oversight with the next model of the console, which also comes in a rather fetching white colour scheme.

Here are the key features, lifted directly from the press release:

  • Now includes SAVE and LOAD ability!
  • 80 classic SEGA MegaDrive games built-in (using the original files)
  • SD card slot allows more games to be added (SD card not included)
  • Crisp 3.2" LCD display
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Charged by USB cable (USB cable included)
  • A perfectly slim and compact handheld games console
  • Supports .BIN and .SMD files

The system is up for pre-order on UK retailer FunStock, costing £49.99.