Tinkering under the hood

Level 5's mech-building title Little Battlers eXperience launches very soon, but Nintendo is giving the game very little in the way of promotion or hype. What should be a tent-pole release in the 3DS calendar has received precious little attention, although to its credit Nintendo UK has recently released a fresh overview trailer which gives a taste of what the game is all about.

The core game revolves around building toy-like robots and pitting them against others. You can swap out parts to create the ultimate mech, and there are several different arenas to do battle in. There's also a pretty deep-looking story underpinning the whole experience.

Have a watch and let us know if Little Battlers eXperience is on your radar. It launches in North America on August 21st and in Europe on September 4th. Our review will be going live soon.