Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has been available in the West for about six months now, in the process becoming a success in Capcom's quest to boost the IP's sales outside of its guaranteed popularity in Japan. It's a fantastic entry in the series that's both familiar and fresh, with core mechanics and systems in place alongside exciting new moves such as 'mounting' monsters.

Plenty have already sunk well over 100 hours into it, but as an evergreen release Capcom's aware that it's still got newcomers picking it up. As a result it's started a cute 'Training Academy' video series, which riffs on Palicos and a pop-up book style seen throughout sub-sections of the game.

Though part one keeps it very simple, this seems like a great idea for a video series. Check it out below, and we'll also take this opportunity to plug our own Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate starter's guide, because we're shameless like that.