Nintendo of Europe has published a tweet confirming the roll-out of this weapon to the region:

Original Article:

Splatoon was perceivably slightly light on content at launch, but Nintendo's strategy for steadily rolling out additions continues at some pace. This week has already brought us Ranked Battles, the Port Mackerel map and the N-Zap '85 weapon, but we have another weapon to grace the game that's coming very soon.

This time around it's the Inkbrush, which is a twist on the standard roller; it also featured in a fair amount of pre-launch marketing, too. The official Japanese Twitter account has confirmed that it's arriving at 11am Japanese time on 6th June. That's the exact same time as the previous content update - so there's a pattern - meaning that we can reasonably expect it in North America today at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern, while it's the early hours of 6th June (3am UK / 4am CET) in Europe.

Are you excited about giving this weapon a try?