When Hyrule Historia [EDIT: it's actually from the Hyrule Warriors artbook, apologies for the confusion] launched a while back, the inclusion of concept art for a female Link - christened "Linkle" - caused quite a bit of excitement. It seemed that Nintendo was at least considering swapping the gender of its famous Hero of Time - a trend which is proving to be quite popular in the world of entertainment media at the moment, what with Thor becoming a woman and all.

Yesterday, a trailer for Hyrule Warriors on 3DS leaked ahead of E3, and the guys over at GameXplain have spotted something which would be very interesting indeed - the crossbow from the female Link concept artwork:

In case you were wondering what they're on about, here's the crossbow in Linkle's hands, as it appears in the Hyrule Warriors artbook:

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Of course, the bow could merely be a generic design which is now appearing in the game itself - so those of you wanting to get hands-on with Linkle might want to keep your powder dry for the time being.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Nintendo has finally listened to the demands of some of its fans, or is this simply reading too much into nothing? Share your view with a comment.

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