More of this? Or less?

Remember when Nintendo revealed the Wii U Zelda title at last year's E3, and many people jumped to the conclusion that Link was - y'know - a chick? Despite Nintendo's denials that Hyrule's famous warrior was switching genders for the next big adventure, many fans rightly asked why Link shouldn't be female for at least one outing.

Rather than wait for Nintendo to do it, a group of fans have created Female Link Jam, a "game jam" where the objective is to create an engaging Zelda adventure starring a female link:

For years and years and years, women have been on the internet and in video game magazines dressing up like Link, and pulling it off way better than dudes. Seriously. In just about every instance. Not to mention the enormous amount of female Link fanart that has been around since the dawn of time, plus fanfiction. Plus sometimes you have a dream about her, too.

The jam begins on April 1st and will run until May 1st. The game can be 2D or 3D and typical Zelda tropes are entirely optional - such as NPCs, time manipulation, musical instruments and magic. The only rules in place are that the main character is a female Link and that the game takes place in the Zelda universe. You can read more about how to enter here.

What do you think of this venture? Do you think Nintendo really needs to follow the example of Marvel and make Link female, or are there enough strong female characters in the series already? Should fans be getting annoyed about the idea of Link being female, or should they be more mindful of the fact that women like gaming too, and might sometimes like to play as a character which more closely represents them? As ever, let us know what you think by posting a comment.

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