Nintendo World Championships

Following the past weekend's Nintendo World Championship's qualifiers, Nintendo of America has used its quirky Nintendo Direct Micro and subsequent details to flesh out the final event that's taking place in LA on 14th June.

For starters, the big event will be at 3pm Pacific time on 14th June, which is 6pm Eastern / 11pm UK / midnight CET. It's also confirmed that there'll be some live broadcasts before the main show, no doubt providing extra build-up and a look at the games we can expect to be played.

It seems there will be a retro flavour to the contest for the finalists, too, as it's also been confirmed that finalists should put in some practice on the original NES The Legend of Zelda. Whether it'll be NES Remix used in the final will become clear, but this at least rules out a simple repeat of the Championship Mode used in the qualifiers.

We'll be live blogging and sharing the stream for this on Nintendo Life when 14th June rolls around - will you be watching?