If you took part in the Splatoon Global Testfire this past weekend you'll have looked a great deal at the app's icon before loading, which is prominently branded as a 'DEMO'. Yet it was a demo unlike any other, with the download now essentially irrelevant, unless Nintendo schedules more online sessions.

Three one hour windows were available, with North America and Europe each having two reasonable windows each; yet plenty woke up in the early hours to play three times. As we've argued previously, though, it served multiple goals for Nintendo. It generated hype, excited fans and provided useful online stress tests for the company.

As for that online performance, this writer enjoyed a successful run, only encountering one unexpected disconnection and a short spell where the servers wouldn't allow access - both of those issues were brief and during the first session. It should be considered that this was on a particularly fast connection, but nevertheless the slick framerate and performance of the ink-splatting shooter were impressive.

On top of that it was fun; though limited to four weapons and two stages, it was easy to get into matches and learn about what makes Splatoon tick. Frenetic, surprisingly tactical and with intuitive controls, this writer enjoyed all three hours of play.

Yet that's just one perspective - we want to hear about your experiences. Was performance smooth, did you enjoy the game, and what did you think of the structure of this demo? Share your thoughts in the poll and comments below.

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