Project X Zone 2 was a slightly surprising reveal in the last month, as the original on 3DS had performed reasonably but hadn't exactly lit up the charts. Nevertheless we have another bold crossover RPG featuring diverse characters from Capcom, SEGA and Bandai Namco; it's as crazy as it sounds.

The cast for this latest entry will be equally improbable in its diversity, and a fresh batch of screenshots show that off; standouts for us in this group are Phoenix Wright and Axel from Streets of Rage. There are plenty more besides, too.

Check them out below, along with some current box art and the reveal trailer from April. It's quite a line-up that's coming together, and this is due for a Western release in Fall.

Phoenix and Maya Event Scene
Phoenix and Maya Solo Attack Objection 2
Phoenix and Maya Solo Attack Objection 1
Aty Event Scene
Aty Solo Attack 1
Aty Solo Attack 2
Aty Solo Attack 3
Axel Stone Event Scene
Axel Stone Solo Attack 1
Axel Stone Solo Attack 2
Axel Stone Solo Attack 3
Ciel and Nana Event Scene
Ciel and Nana Normal Attack
Ciel and Nana Special Attack
Ryu and Ken Event Scene
Ryu and Ken Normal Attack 1
Ryu and Ken Normal Attack 2
Ryu and Ken Special Attack
Sakura and Gemini Event Scene
Sakura and Gemini Normal Attack 1
Sakura and Gemini Normal Attack 2
Sakura and Gemini Special Attack
PXZ2 Box Front 2 D en FR