SteamWorld Heist is due to start arriving in Fall this year, with the 3DS and Wii U eShop stores on the list of supported platforms. A spin-off from SteamWorld Dig, its blend of a steampunk aesthetic with 2D turn-based strategy is certainly full of potential.

Developer Image & Form is now launching a set of challenges to find winners that'll become SteamWorld Ambassadors; this'll entitle lucky gamers to early access of each version before release, in addition to regular updates on progress from developers. The video below - which pays homage to Satoru Iwata's Nintendo Direct broadcasts - explains the details of these bi-weekly challenges that'll determine who gets to be an Ambassador.

The first challenge has been posted on the studio's blog; you have to name the weapon shown below.

Name the Weapon Steamworld Heist

Will you be joining in to try and become a SteamWorld ambassador?