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There's only a few weeks left now until Atlus launches its latest entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker. The enhanced remake promises to give players plenty of bang for their buck, adding a second story campaign that nearly doubles the estimated length of the game. As if that wasn't enough new content, Atlus has just revealed a plethora of DLC that will be available at or soon after launch as icing on top of this already very sweet looking cake.

All of the DLC will take the form of Free Battles and all except one will scale with the level of your protagonist. We'll start off with the best news and list the "FreeLC" as Atlus calls it, DLC that will be permanently free. The first fight will be the only one that doesn't scale with the player, it will be called "Beginner's Brawl". Essentially, this is just a quick fight for early on in the game to give players a head start, defeating the demons will grant the player additional Macca (demonic currency) to spend at the Demon Auction. The next mission will be "Lost Demon Rescue", where players will be tasked with protecting a demon from two attacking hordes. If the demon is successfully protected, it will join the player's party.

Next up is the paid DLC, some of which will be available at launch and the rest of which will be available over the following few weeks. Also, all paid DLC will be 99 cents apiece. The first mission is "Macca Makes an Escape", where the player will be tasked with chasing down fleeing demons whose pockets are lined with Macca. The demons will pay out three times as much Macca as normal, so it'll certainly be worth the time. The next mission is "All Skills Must Go!", where memory sticks containing powerful skills for demons will be scattered about the field. The enemy demons will attempt to run off with these sticks and it'll be up to the player to stop them before they escape. The next mission is "Let the Demons Grow", which will be a no-frills free-for-all where all the demons pay out extra experience than usual when defeated. The last mission is "Addonetarium", a battle that's recommended for higher level characters. The angle of this fight is that add-ons are the commodity at stake, which can significantly power up a demon in fusion.

On 5th May, when the game launches, Beginner's Brawl and Macca Makes an Escape! will be available. One week later, on 12th May, All Skills Must Go!, Lost Demon Rescue, and Let the Demons Grow, will be made available. One week after that, on 19th May, Addonetarium will complete the initial offering of DLC. All of this content will be offered on top of the occasional free, Spotpass distributed demons.

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