Considering humanity's fondness for destruction, it's surprising that we're not bombarded with more space-based twin-stick shooters on the Wii U. It can be satisfying to destroy alien things with an explosion of pixels and particle effects, yet we're not given enough opportunities to do so.

Eclipse Games, which previously brought Super Toy Cars to the Wii U eShop, has now announced Tachyon Project for the Wii U and a range of other systems, including Xbox One and PC. It's described as a story-driven twin-stick shooter, with the following from the press release.

In Tachyon Project you take control of Ada, a computer program that was created to hack into the most secure places on Earth and has taken consciousness. After some shocking events she's left alone 'in the wild'. She'll have to hack into some of the hardest computers on Earth to find out what happened to her creators. For Ada, hacking is basically fighting a bunch of enemy programs that try to spot her and identify her. She'll have a number of weapons at her disposal. As she progresses in her quest she'll find harder and more sophisticated enemy programs to battle but she'll also unlock new and more powerful weapons to aid in her.

Beyond that dramatic setting there'll be 10 levels in which the tale is told, with each having six progressive waves of enemies. There'll be three challenge levels with support for up to four players locally, while some other key stats are given - six weapons, nine secondary weapons, seven perks, over 30 enemy types and four bosses.

There's no trailer as yet, though the early screens look fairly handsome. This hits Xbox One in July and Wii U / PC later in the year - are you interested in this one?

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