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User Ratings: 5

Our Review: 7/10


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Action, Arcade, Shooter
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Wii U eShop

  • 31st Mar 2016, £8.99
  • 12th May 2016, $9.99
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Switch eShop, PS4, Xbox One

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  • 7

    Wii U eShop

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    Shoot all of the things

    While twin-stick shooters are relatively common on rival download stores, the Wii U eShop isn't blessed with many. Tachyon Project, then, offers to fill a gap with its arena-based stages and frantic gameplay, and it does so in decent style. Presented top-down with a flat perspective, this title is undoubtedly visually...

About The Game

Tachyon Project is an action packed dual-stick shooter driven by a story.

Players take control of Ada, a software program that has taken conscience and that was designed to hack into the most secure servers on Earth. After some rather mysterious events, Ada is thrown out of the test server where it was living and out into the Internet, but when she tries to go back there she finds she's unable to. She'll then start a journey to uncover the truth behind what happened to her creators, which she considers her parents. In the process she'll find out that things were a bit more complex than she initially thought.

Through the story mode you'll progressively unlock all the weapons, secondary weapons and perks available to configure your ship. You'll need them to face the increasingly hard enemies you'll find with over 30 different types (including four bosses).