For those diving into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as their first major entry in the series, they may be surprised by the sheer volume of free DLC that is offered. Capcom typically provides a host of quests, items and assorted goodies in the months that follow release, and the latest entry on 3DS will include some fairly wacky crossover costumers.

At launch Capcom issued a very handy starter's pack of items as DLC, but the additional content really begins next week, on 6th March. In addition to a new weapon and episode quest, the key additions will be Link-themed armour and weapons, which you can see in action below.

We're set to receive new content every month, and still to come we have outfits based on Metroid, Animal Crossing, Street Fighter and possibly others that we've overlooked. There'll be plenty of quests to tackle, too.

Are you still buried in the depths of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's quests, and are you ready for some free DLC to beef it up further? Let us know.

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